Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of tuition at Golden City FCC., Inc. dba. Chase Family Child Care is determined by various factors such as the children’s ages, types of programs selected, and hours of attendance. To provide accurate information regarding tuition fees and better understand your family’s specific needs, we encourage you to contact us directly. This will allow us to tailor our services to meet your requirements and provide you with detailed information on the costs involved

Golden City FCC, Inc. dba Chase Family Child Care is a family child care provider. Family childcare providers are not typically eligible for accreditation as they operate in a home-like setting with smaller group sizes compared to larger childcare centers. However, rest assured that we adhere to all state licensing requirements and high standards of care and safety for children under our supervision.

Golden City FCC, Inc. DBA Chase Family Child Care is licensed for 14 children. Our caregiver-to-child ratio is 7 to 1. This means that for every caregiver present, there will be a maximum of 7 children under their supervision. This ensures that each child receives adequate attention and care throughout their time at our facility.

At Chase Family Child Care, our philosophy is centered around the belief that every child is unique and has the potential to grow into a positive, contributing member of society. We are committed to providing individualized support and encouragement to each child in our care. Our approach to early education focuses on fostering curiosity, critical thinking, and empathy, empowering children to develop essential life skills and values. In terms of discipline, we promote positive reinforcement, clear communication, and setting age-appropriate boundaries to guide children’s behavior. Our goal is to instill a sense of responsibility, respect, and a love for lifelong learning in every child we serve.

At Chase Family Child Care, our caregivers are highly qualified professionals with a wealth of experience in early childhood education and child care. Each undergoes thorough background checks and possesses the necessary, including relevant certifications and training in early childhood development. Additionally, all caregivers are trained in CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and first aid to ensure the safety and well-being of the children under their care. Rest assured that our team is dedicated to providing a secure and nurturing environment for all children at our facility.

At Chase Family Child Care, we prioritize the health and safety of all children. We strictly adhere to state regulations and guidelines regarding immunizations, requiring all enrolled children to be up to date on their vaccinations to prevent the spread of communicable diseases. In addition, all caregivers at our facility are required to maintain current medical checkups and vaccinations to ensure a healthy environment for everyone. Our commitment to wellness and preventive care helps create a secure and nurturing atmosphere for your child’s growth and development.

At Chase Family Child Care, we have strict guidelines in place to protect the health and wellbeing of all children in our care. If a child exhibits signs of illness while at our facility, our policy mandates that they be separated from the group, and parents or guardians are promptly notified to arrange for pick-up. We require that children be free for a certain period before returning to the center to prevent the spread of illness to others. Our caregivers are trained to monitor the children for any signs of sickness and provide necessary care and comfort until they can safely reunite with their families. Your child’s health and safety are our top priorities, and we work diligently to maintain a healthy environment for all children in our program.

At Chase Family Child Care, we provide nutritious and well-balanced meals and snacks to ensure the children’s health and well-being. Our menu includes a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins to meet the dietary needs of growing children. We understand the importance of following parents’ instructions regarding meals and snacks, including any dietary restrictions or preferences. Our caregivers work closely with parents to accommodate individual dietary needs and preferences, ensuring that each child receives proper nutrition while in our care. We strive to create a positive mealtime experience for all children and encourage healthy eating habits from a young age.

At Chase Family Child Care, we understand the importance of transparency and trust when it comes to caring for your child. In our in-home daycare setting, aside from the primary caregiver, other individuals who may be present could include any authorized assistants or support staff who have undergone thorough background checks and training. Additionally, it is important to note that everyone residing in the home, including family members, has been fingerprinted to ensure a safe environment for the children in our care.