Our School

At Golden City FCC, Inc. (dba Chase Family Child Care), our program is designed to provide a safe and welcoming environment where children thrive and learn. We support academic achievement through homework assistance and tutoring services while fostering social skills and positive relationships through engaging in group activities and interactions. Our focus on promoting healthy eating habits ensures that children receive nutritious meals and snacks. Additionally, we enhance their learning experience with exciting field trips and enrichment activities, creating a holistic approach to education and growth.

Why Choose Us

Choosing us means choosing a comprehensive and developmentally appropriate child care program
that provides nutrition, education, recreation, and social skill training for children of all backgrounds


The facility welcomes and respects children and families of all backgrounds and promotes a culture of inclusivity and diversity


Golden City FCC is an active member of the local community and works to build strong relationships with families, schools, and other organizations in the area.


The facility prioritizes the safety of children above all else, with a comprehensive monitoring system and various safety measures in place to ensure that children are protected from harm.


We work closely with families and other community organizations to provide the best possible care and education for children.


Take a glimpse at our center through our gallery, where we showcase the warm and
inviting atmosphere we provide for our children

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